Welcome to Hanssen Consulting

Your success depends on high performance – this applies not only to people, but also to programs and processes. We believe that a critical component of performance includes Program Evaluation – but too often, this component is not addressed. That’s why we’ve established Hanssen Consulting – to ensure that program activities are guided by thoughtful evaluation and that this helps drive
your success.

Public school systems, nonprofit organizations, and large corporations are examples of organizations that benefit from our program evaluations. These organizations use our evaluations to identify areas within their programs that need improvement. By improving these areas, they improve their performance.

See how we can improve your organization's performance.

Ways We Help Organizations Improve Performance

  • Program Evaluation: We apply research methods to determine the impact and value of your programs.
  • Project Management: We coordinate workplans, budgets, stakeholders, resources and quality assurance.
  • Instructional Design: We develop web-based and instructor-led learning and create measurable objectives.
  • Training & Facilitation: We train and facilitate effective presentations and test development.
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